The Fascinating Toyama Bay

The Fascinating Toyama Bay

The Beautiful Toyama Bay Club

 Toyama Bay joined "the Most Beautiful Bays in the world" which the UNESCO supported in October, 2014.
It seems with the result of the magnificent scene which can see the Tateyama mountain range of the over 3,000m high.
"The beautiful Toyama Bay club" sends charm of Toyama Bay to the inside and outside the country and performs more attractive activity.

The Tateyama mountain range watched from Toyama Bay

In last October, Toyama Bay joined "the most beautiful bays in the world".
The magnificent scene of the Tateyama mountain range of the 3,000m grade to expect from Toyama Bay would be judged to be splendid.
The general meeting of the gulf club was held in Korean yosu, and Governor Ishii introduced Toyama Bay, but the representative of all the countries of the world drank breath for a scene of Toyama Bay

  • Toyam Himi ~ Tateyama mountain range3015m

    About a place said to that 3,000m grade mountains seen from the sea, I checked topography section with Google map how long the scene of the Tateyama mountain range was rare worldwide.
    We can see from the left-hand figure, that Tateyama mountain range which I watched from Himi, can seen clearly.

  • Izu ~ Mt.Fuji 3776m

    As is expected, the figure which Mount Fuji which I watched from Izu is splendid, and is more elegant than the powerful divineness of the shin Tateyama mountain range.

  • Genoa of Italy ~ Matterhorn 4,478m

    I expected it when it may show the Alps from the Mediterranean Sea, but it is blocked and does not seem to be seen on a mountain of the 1,000m grade of this side and the round earth at all.
     Mt. vesvio 1,281m watched from Naples is introduced, and there is the article, but is only a mountain of the 1,000m grade.

  • Chile Valparaiso ~ Mt.Aconcagua 6,960m

    Because the Andes is said to show it from the Pacific, on investigation Aconcagua of the highest peak can not seen from Valparaiso of Chile, but highlands of 5,000m of this side seem to be seen.
    However, is it not such a scene to say that I am not known?

The scene of the Tateyama mountain range surpasses it worldwide as far as I checked it and understands a splendid thing as things mentioned above.
I send this splendid scene to domestic and foreign people and l want to do it more and yet more in pleasant Toyama Bay.